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RUN WASTE is a project initiated within Greenhouse to see what happens when a dedicated team of tech, design and media work together. 3D Modelling, Coding, Digital Out of Home, Augmented Reality and several other disciplines within the group were used to create RUN WASTE.

RUN WASTE is part of New Order of Fashion's exhibition THE END IS NEAR. Fashion designs from upcoming talents are used as foundation for the 3D models. RUN WASTE acts as a new form of digital signing where the audience can actually engage and interact with it.

The installation lets you digitally try out different clothing on unique characters who mimic your gestures and movement, making you part of the exhibition. Each character has unique characterics that invites the user to adopt a new form of movement and identity.

RUN WASTE is not only an exploration in new forms of digital out of home, but also in user experiences, engagement and how brands can stimulate (playful) interactions between them and an audience.

So, come visit us at THE END IS NEAR in the Warehouse of Innovation from 19th till 27th of October. Take a stand in front of RUN WASTE and see who will be facing you.

Greenhouse Group New Order Of Fashion

The final run has begun.
No more time to waste.

Come visit RUN WASTE during Dutch Design Week at Warehouse of Innovation and face your digital double.

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